Boge SF & SLF Range of Frequency Controlled Screw Compressors

The SF range of screw compressors is ideal for the operation of larger volumes of air. The integrated frequency converter ensure continuous volume flow between 25 and 100 percent by automatically adapting to the momentary demand of the compressed air system - an advantage with big pay back due to distinctly reduced energy costs.

When frequency controlled the SLF series of rotary screw air compressors automatically adjust air demand whilst controlling the pressure perfectly. In the event of a change of the pressure value, the output automatically adjusts. A 10 bar machine thus regulated to an 8 bar machine yields a correspondingly higher output - without any expensive remodelling or design related modifications.

The integrated frequency control of the SF series screw compressor reduces idling times and eliminates pressure fluctuations. Using less compressed air means less energy because the volume flow is continuously adapted to demand. Soft starting also avoids undue wear and tear and prolongs the service life of the air compressor.

boge-sf100 screw compressor