Why Use Finite Filters

compressed air contaminantsFiltration is the technology or process of purifying solids, liquids and gases (in this case compressed air). Parker filtration systems and products ensure optimal performance for applications in industrial, mobile and marine markets. Parker deliver innovative components and complete systems to customers throughout the world. This unique range of filter assemblies offer excellent filtration capabilities at reasonable prices.

The FiniteĀ® desiccant dryers are the simplest and most reliable method of ensuring your sensitive pneumatic equipment is not exposed to damaging moisture. When air is compressed, the temperature of air is increased as is its capacity to hold moisture. As the hot moist air travels downstream through the pipelines, it cools, allowing the moisture to condense. Aftercoolers, filters, drain traps and drip legs are effective for removing condensate. For removing residual water vapor and aerosols, use the Finite desiccant dryer.

Boge Filter

save time and money

Finite Filter's International H-Series is the right solution for most compressed air/gas applications. Our filter elements are formed with our special UNI-CAST glass microfibers to enhance the depth-loading characteristics of each element's fiber matrix. This design provides lower pressure drops and less frequent change outs, saving you time and money.

we meet your needs

With our wide variety of media, you can find a product to meet your specific requirements. This will avoid over-specifying filtration efficiency.

improve operation life

We make liberal use of a special prefilter, prolonging operation life on some coalescers from 4 to 6 times.