Compressed Air Intensifiers and Boosters

compressed air intensifier or boosterA Booster Regulator is designed to take compressed air pressure and to increase it to a pressure that exceeds the input pressure using part of the input flow of compressed air. Booster Regulators can have boost ratios of up to two time the input pressures depending on brand and model available.Higher Ratios are available for special built units. They are not normally used where a continuous flow (production applications) of high pressure air is required - however ideal where an occasional high pressure supply is required.

Lower Capital Cost: Intensifiers can be a low cost alternative to running your full system at higher pressures. When compared to installing a full high pressure compressed air system, there are potential savings of thousands of dollars in capital expenditure.

Reduced Operating Costs: Not only will you save energy or fuel ($$) you can also reduce your overall system pressure and only deliver high pressure compressed air to the small applications that requires it.

Safety: Low pressure compressed air systems naturally have a lower workplace health and safety risks than high pressure systems and by limiting the high pressure system to only the required areas will help improve safety in your workplace.

Warning: Always read and understand the operation manual and safety instructions prior to operating an Intensifier. Always ensure your fittings, hoses and equipment is rated higher then the boosted pressure. Do not operate the intensifier if damaged or modified outside of the manufacturers design criteria. High Pressure Compressed Air IS DANGEROUS - take all necessary safety precautions.