Airmac T55 Air Compressor (415V|10hp|52.3cfm)


Motor Power:
Pump Displacement:
Free Air Delivery:
Maximum Pressure:
Tank Volume:
Pump Model:
Pump Speed:
Current Draw:
7.5 kW (10 hp)
1,479 L/min (52.3 cfm)
1,203 L/min (42.5 cfm)
980 kPa (142 psi)
300 Litres
Fusheng TA-80
897 rpm
13.8 A

airmac t55 air compressor

  • Genuine TECO high efficiency, cast iron frame electric motor. Specially designed to comply with Australian Minimum Energy Performance (MEPS) requirements. Fully automatic on-off control provided by a precision German made Condor pressure switch fitted with an overload release for motor protection.
  • Fully compliant with Australian Safety Standards and Regulations for industrial workplace use of electric air compressors.
  • Genuine Fusheng reciprocating air compressor pump. Low speed, single stage, full cast iron construction with a worldwide reputation for outstanding performance and reliability. Well proven in Australia for more than 25 years.
  • 2-year parts and factory labour warranty supplemented by an Australia-wide dealer network offering sales, service and genuine spare parts backup for the Airmac range of industrial air compressors.
  • Extended service life V-belt drive fully enclosed by an impact resistant metal safety guard designed for easy maintenance access and high flow-through cooling. Machined steel baseplate facilitates accurate pump and motor alignment.
  • Superior pump design with a high strength forged steel crankshaft, low friction roller main bearings, extra large oil reservoir, long life piston rings, precision machined cylinders, deep directional cooling fins, robust plate-type inlet and exhaust valves, and low noise air intakes with replaceable filter elements.