Airmac B24D Diesel Air Compressor

Airmac B24D Diesel Air Compressor Price $7049 inc

Yanmar Engine:
Emergency Stop:
Pump Displacement:
Free Air Delivery:
Maximum Pressure:
Tank Volume:
Pump Model:
Pump Speed:
L70, 6.7 hp, Elec. & Pull
Push Button
564 L/min (19.9 cfm)
826 L/min (16.6 cfm)
1,310 kPa (190 psi)
100 Litres
Fusheng B-1
1,386 rpm

airmac b24d diesel air compressor with electric startAirmac has a leading range of Yanmar powered air compressors that are preferred by industry for use at mine sites, oil and gas facilities, and other hazardous locations. Each model is fitted with a genuine Yanmar diesel engine to ensure the highest levels of safety, reliability and economy.