BOGE Refrigerated Dryers

Refrigerant dryers work on the principle that when air is cooled the water condenses and separates. The air is then reheated to about room temperature so that condensation doesn't occur on the outside of the compressed air pipes. Refrigerant dryers are available as free standing units or as an integrated drying module as part of the air compressor system.

BOGE refrigerant dryer for compressed air systems

Modern refrigerant dryers use refrigerant gases with a low GWP (Global Warming Potential) which dictates that gas from the refrigerant dryer when accidentally released into the atmosphere contribute less to global warming.

Take care to use the correct selection criteria when you size a dryer (or contact us for advice) as an under sized dryer will work great in winter but perform poorly in summer when the relative humidity increases. With dryers bigger is better!

All Boge DS series dryers are characterised by their extremely low pressure differential. This means that the generation pressure of upstream compressor can be optimised. Remember each one bar reduction in generation pressure saves around six percent in energy consumption - much more than with any other dryer systems.