FS Curtis FACG-125P Diesel Trailer Type Screw Compressor

Free Air Delivery:
Rated Pressure:
Maximum Pressure:
Fuel Consumption:
Noise Level @ 7m:
12.5 m³/min (440 cfm)
12.7 bar (185 psi)
15.5 bar (225 psi)
Hino J08C-V
32 L/h @ 100% Load
74 dB(A)
3,240 kg

fs-curtis facg-125p diesel screw compressor

FS-Curtis FAC Series trailer type, portable diesel air compressors are designed for towable mobility. Choose from single axle on-road models up to 11 m³/min or larger dual axle off-road models up to 28.3 m³/min. They are easily convertible into box type configuration if required.