select enerquip for all air compressor and compressed air requirements

Why select us?

Eleven important reasons why clever people select Enerquip as their trusted industrial compressed air service provider:

1. Reputable

Enerquip is a trusted supplier to its client base, which consists of both local and global companies that collectively produce goods exceeding many millions of dollars in value every year.

2. Flexible

With a broad client base covering multiple industries, Enerquip is able to draw upon the extensive knowledge of each industry’s best practices.

3. Professional

All Enerquip service technicians, service planners, and sales representatives are trade qualified and expertly trained. And just as importantly, they are committed to achieving results and solving problems for clients.

4. Dependable

Enerquip’s service technicians and support teams provide 24 hours a day, 7 days a week service, technology, and backup assistance.

5. Latest technology

Enerquip follows a best-of-breed approach to provide the highest level of quality and service. With systems that utilise world class reporting and forecasting, Enerquip ensures all equipment and services managed for clients are always kept running at an optimal level and condition.

6. Proven track record

Since Enerquip’s inception in 1990, they have worked under the same stable management with long-serving staff. They have provided Service + Reliability for thousands of local and global clients.

7. Australia wide

With access to national and international service and distribution networks, Enerquip can help. Regardless of client requirements, Enerquip-supplied products can be supported everywhere in the world.

8. Pedigree

Enerquip has built alliances with some of the world’s top providers of cutting-edge air compressor technologies and high-tech compressed air filtration systems. Enerquip only supplies proven products with a history of excellence and engineering expertise.

9. Proudly Australian

Enerquip is a 100% Australian owned company operating from Brisbane, Queensland & providing vital services for enterprises both large and small.

10. Peace of mind

Enerquip has comprehensive public liability insurance cover and only employs expertly trained and trade qualified technicians to look after your compressed air systems.

11. Prompt and direct

Enerquip’s valued clients enjoy all the benefits of prompt and direct service. Enerquip is big enough to act, yet small enough to react.